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Our team at Option prides itself on fostering a true understanding of its customers and their needs. With our diversified list of completed work across industries, we make a point to be informed on what is influencing our clientele to adapt our process for their unique solution. This year we have seen shifts in the demand for signage in industries that are adjusting to life after the pandemic. We hear about what our general contractor partners have seen across markets, leading to the increased demand for signage. 

 Rising Demand in Middle and High School Construction and Renovation 

With the resumption of in-person classes for students, there has been a renewed demand for community building for students eager to return to campuses. School district administrators’ efforts to address this need as well as develop their schools have contributed to the increased demand for construction. 

A surge in new construction has occupied the future planning of school districts. This is a positive turn out of the pandemic, as it is proven that new and updated schools improve grades among students who are fully engaged and immersed in a collaborative, learning environment. A considerable 54% of public school districts are in need of remodeling and updating current school systems with new resources and technology. For general contractors, this is the perfect opportunity to begin tailoring construction solutions to capture this niche market opportunity. 

Significantly in the world of school construction funding, one county in Maryland has taken on a public-private partnership to construct six new schools in two years’ time. The traditional means of funding for new school efforts (including design, financing, and construction) would project a typical school construction project to be 15 years. This grand step into a mix of public and private funding will help children statistically perform better in new schools, along with alleviating currently overcrowded and not-up-to-date schools. As new schools and renovations take place, more forms of financing to expedite the construction process will affect general contractors coming onto the scene.  

New Construction Already Under Way with Higher Education 

 Prior to the pandemic, the demand to service development projects at higher-education institutions was increasing. Several university systems had begun endeavors of building new spaces for STEM programs, business programs, lecture halls, but also multi-purpose projects like libraries and general use buildings. As the country was shut down due to the pandemic, construction projects ground to a halt until quarantine ended. However, higher education planners and coordinators have restarted development. 

The switch to remote learning enabled more students to consider pursuing graduate degrees. As this interest remained even after the transition back to in-person learning, the need for spaces to safely collaborate have challenged construction developers to innovate creative solutions. These projects are being built with a better understanding of how to plan for the future while simultaneously creating more sustainable projects. 

Mass Transit and Transportation Developments  

After a major standstill in transportation following the pandemic, areas of mass transit are once again being widely used. Like higher education, designers and developers for renovations in mass transit are seeking ways to integrate new technologies, more clearly convey navigational information, and maintain the safety of passengers. One sector in particular that is experiencing an overhaul of new construction is airports, where the construction of new terminals and renovations foster a positive relationship with visitors to make them more likely to return in the future.  

A recent influx of the nation’s largest airports undergoing construction marks the devotion to creating intuitive, comfortable, and safe spaces for patrons. Airport development efforts are a great measure to see how cities prioritize incoming travel. As airports are a major first destination for a visitor, airports should make individuals feel welcome with easily comprehensible signage, effective branding, and cutting-edge technological features. Any capital investments that are put into the development of mass transit is a significant marker of the growing development of the city, improving the lives of residents and visitors alike.  

Option Signs has a diverse portfolio of signage solutions in these changing industries of higher education, transportation, and beyond. We are aware of what influences these industry segments and work with our clients to meet our clients design, scheduling, and budgetary needs.